POS2112FINAL - 1) A controversial educational reform that...

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1) A controversial educational reform that gives parents the choice to spend public dollars at any school they choose, public or private, is known as the B A. charter school. B. educational voucher plan. C. district school. D. privatized public school. 2) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 provided D A. that each federal department and agency would take action to end discrimination in programs receiving financial aid. B. for the establishment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. C. that it would be unlawful to discriminate or segregate persons on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin in any public accommodation. D. all of the above. 3) The school board is the elected governing body of a school district, mostly on a nonpartisan basis. true True False 4) States have not been traditionally involved in public higher education and still are not involved to any significant degree today. False True False 5) The colleges established under the 1862 Morrill Land Grant Act became known as A A. farming colleges. B. federal colleges. C. industrial arts colleges. D. land-grant colleges. 6) Proponents of the voucher system believe parental choice encourages competition among both public and private schools with the ultimate goal of achieving greater academic success.
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true True False 7) The constitutional argument supporting segregation was that “separate but equal” did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment as long as “equal” facilities were provided. true True False 8) The “No Establishment Clause” prohibits public aid in any form to religious schools.
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POS2112FINAL - 1) A controversial educational reform that...

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