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POS 4703-302: SCOPE AND METHODS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Fall 2009 GROUP WORK SCHEDULE Objectives: This part of course work is at the discretion of the instructor who reserves the right to direct the group work and to ensure that presentations are done in an orderly and professional manner. Group work is designed to increase student interaction and understanding of assigned material. It is also meant to enhance class participation and in depth treatment of the material. Each group will have opportunity to not only enlighten the class about the assigned material but also to stimulate active and lively discussion, thereby enriching the quality of the learning experience. Responsibilities and accountabilities: Each group is assigned a chapter of the textbook and other material. Group leaders are responsible for sharing the work equitably among members and ensuring that it is done thoroughly and presented in a manner that provides significant insight to the class. Group work is meant to encourage team work, attention to detail and accountability. The accountabilities required include attendance of all group meetings, participating actively in group discussions and being available to present your part of the work. Group leaders are responsible for organizing and taking roll at all meetings, updating the instructor on activities of the group (including any problem that may arise), and submitting a one- or two-page report or summary of the group’s work including the attendance record. Please note that any student who fails to show up on the day of group presentation to present their part of the work loses all the 20% of course grade allocated to group work. Grading: Please note that even though you are working as a group you will receive individual grade based on the overall performance of the group in general; and, in particular, in terms of the following rubric: 1.
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FO9scope302gpwk - FLORIDA A & M UNIVERSITY POS...

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