POS4704-researchdesignsurvey - Homosexuality and Personal...

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Thank you for your input. The results of this questionnaire will be pooled; all participants and responses will remain completely anonymous and results will be reported and presented as aggregate, and as percentages as to further ensure the anonymity of the participants. Please circle your answers and please be aware that For the purposes of this questionnaire please keep in mind that: -A homosexual is a person attracted to people of one’s own sex; therefore, this includes homosexual men and women - Sexual Orientation is a person’s attraction towards members of the same, opposite, both, or neither sex. 1) Are you male or female? Male Female 2) What is your Classification? Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior 3) With which political party do you most closely identify? Democrat Republican Green Party Independent Undecided None 4) Which political ideological affiliation do you feel best suits you? None
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POS4704-researchdesignsurvey - Homosexuality and Personal...

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