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Scope & Methods Presentation - different times 3...

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Accuracy of Measure How does one insure that the findings are correct? There are two ways of insure the accuracy of  measure. They are  reliability  and  validity. Reliability is based upon the idea that multiple trials of the same experiment should yield the  same result. Simply put, for an experiment to be considered reliable, it must have the same result  no matter how many times the experiment is performed. For example, if I discovered that the  distance between Tallahassee, FL and Atlanta, GA was 250 miles; for my results to be considered  reliable, the measured distance between the two cities must always be 250 miles. There are three tests of reliability: 1. Test-retest: Perform test, then re-do test using same instruments, 2. Alternative form: Use of two different instruments to measure some concept at 
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Unformatted text preview: different times 3. Split-halves test: Use of two different instruments to measure some concept simultaneously Validity is focused on the instrument or tool that is used in the research process. There are four main tests of validity. For example, using a ruler to measure the length of a sheet of paper, or using a scale to measure a person’s weight. There are four tests of validity: 1. Face validity: Assuming that the instrument will properly measure the concept as intended 2. Content validity: 3. Construct validity: Based upon direct correlation. One concept is tied to another. 4. Inter-item association: Brief History The Cold War began in 1945, just as WWII ended....
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Scope & Methods Presentation - different times 3...

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