Scopes - measures of all portions of this domain are...

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*Validity Validity-to the degree of correspondence between the measure and the concept it is thought to mease. Ex. invalid measure is larger cities with more police force have less crime than smaller cities. - validity is harder to demonstrate empirically than reliability. - validity involves a relationship between measurement concept and actual presence or amount of the concept itself. Four types of validity that can be demonstrated. -Face validity -content validity -construct validity -interitem assouation -Face validity- may be asserted(not empirically demonstrate) when the measurement instruments appears to measure the concept it is supposed to measure. Ex. How individuals response to a question on party identification. -content validity-similar to face validity but involves determining the full domain or meaning of a particular and then making sure that
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Unformatted text preview: measures of all portions of this domain are included in measurement technique. Ex. Design a measure of the extent to which a nations political system is democratic.-construct validity- a measure of a concept is related to a measure of another concept with the original concept is thought to be related, constructed validity is demonstrated. Ex. Education with income. Education Testing Services (ETS) booklet describes Graduate Record Exam (GRE)-Interitem Association- it reaches on the similarity of outcomes of more than one measure of a concept to demonstrate a concept to demonstrate the validity of the entire scheme. Ex. will be demonstrated using class preparation mostly displayed in correlation matrix (picture of correlation matrix)...
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Scopes - measures of all portions of this domain are...

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