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Components of Elements of Agency budget proposal [[and that of the entire executive branch]] 1. Agency: a. The narrative – agency management / performance objectives i. Goals: ope b. Detailed schedule – objective in dollar terms i. .. c. Cumulative schedules – aggregates new initiatives with existing [or old] activities/objects to form the complete request 1a. Workload – work schedules and agency commitments Productivity – personnel outlay per workload; and dollar value of personnel needs Performance measure: outcomes, whether goals are met in relation to current satisfaction 2. Executive Branch: summary schedule and supplemental data, etc a. Budget justification – task of agency to rationalize proposal and secure appropriation i. Justification should be clearly articulated and written; focus on logic of needs [rather than
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Unformatted text preview: mathematical calculations] …. Language not too technical Reasons (or justification) for agency budget 1. Higher (or lower) prices 2. Increase in workload 3. increased clientele 4. Methods Improvement (new methods, technologies ex: information technology & communications for increased productivity and goal attainment) 5. New Services (ex: expansion of space; acquiring more capacity to meet need of expanded clientele or operations) Review of Executive Budget Reviewers ALWAYS look for what to cut Criteria for review: 1) Policy rationale of agency or executive 2) Arithmetic – reviews/analysts check to see that the math adds up 3) Linkage – need to link justification to dollar request vs. expected result in terms of performance 4) Program Change? 5) Any omissions? 6) ration, shares, trends...
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finalstudyguide - mathematical calculations … Language...

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