PADtakehomeEX - department separately. It is highly...

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Hannah Brooks Dr. Eno PAD 4223-002 Take-Home Exercise 04.21.10 i) Emergency Dispatch Service Implementation ii) Of the five common reasons that funds are generally requested, both “Workload” and “New services” seem to be applicable to this project. Because this project is being implemented for a major metropolitan county the clientele served by the agency will undoubtedly increase by a large amount. In order to service levels to cater to this amount, the funds are necessary. As for as the “new services”, the reasoning is clear. This is a case for a new service being implemented and initiated. This is expanding clientele and improving services through convenience and efficiency. iii) As aforementioned in the fund request reasoning, this project is an enormous service to the community. Making emergency calls exponentially more convenient and efficient can very likely save more lives. Without any such program, citizens would have to personally make phone calls to the ambulance, police department, or fire
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Unformatted text preview: department separately. It is highly unlikely for any individual to have these numbers memorized, or even saved in a cell phone. Creating one line with a short memorable number that is applicable to nearly all emergency situations is an enormous service to the community. Because of this one must assume that annually at least one life and one home would be saved by this projects preventative and/or fast acting help. This is certainly a social benefit, but also an economic one, as lessening hospital stays and deaths lower overall insurance costs for the community. iv) Yes, this project is certainly economically feasible. Because this is something that is brining in $3.8 million of annual revenue, and only cost $3.6 million, there is a constant profit of $200,000. This is something with high economic and social benefits that is being installed, and will continue to run for an indefinitely long period. With that being said, the installation fee $4.5 million is completely negligible....
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PADtakehomeEX - department separately. It is highly...

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