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CEN6930 Experiment 1: Wireless Coverage Map (Updated 2008-02-11) Introduction The goal of this lab is to understand the coverage of 802.11 Wireless LANs. Students are guided to use PocketPC computers and detection/visualization software to perform various WLANs coverage studies. With this lab, students will be able to understand how to detect 802.11 LANs, identify access point locations, and find coverage of 802.11 networks for both indoor and outdoor coverage. Part I-A: Indoor coverage experiment Preparation : 1. Check the UF wireless coverage map, and choose one building with wireless coverage and extensive outdoor coverage within the vicinity of the building. Obtain the building floor plan through Facilities Planning and construction division at Ben hill Griffin stadium, room 232. (or email David Heather [email protected]). Come up with your routes for a comprehensive sweep of all the corridors on all floors. 2. Download Netstumbler (Windows version) at www.netstumbler.org 3. Come to CSE401 to check out one Wifi PDA. a) Use the iPAQ wireless manager on the bottom right-hand side of desktop, turn on wifi, and make sure bluetooth is off. b) Start WifiFoFum application, check if the main screen starts to show AP signal captures. (If not, ask TA for troubleshooting. You should also be familiar with troubleshooting procedure since you likely will encounter similar problems on your field trip) If ok, close the application. (File->Exit) IMPORTANT: turn off the device when not use , otherwise it will drain out the battery very quickly. Procedure : 1. Go to the building you choose, turn on PDA, start WifiFoFum application. * Click File-> New to start a new set of measurement. * Wait the new scan results show up, then click File->Save As…to save one set of measurement result. IMPORTANT: a) make up the file name with a unique meaning of the location you’re taking the measurement, e.g. cse-4f-401-door. b) File Type: choose Netstumbler (*.ns1) c) Folder: choose the folder specifically created for your course: CEN 4500 (if you forgot to choose the folder, the files are saved at the root directory by default) 2. Follow your pre-decided floor sweeping routes, repeat the previous step, save one set of measurement results for every 7~8 steps. IMPORTANT : remember to Click File-> New to start a new set of measurement every time you go to a new location!!
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Post-processing : 1. Open your measurement files by netstumbler. For every location, log the strongest signal strength reading on the floor plan. Color the reading with the following rule:
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cen6930_exp1-v2-2 - CEN6930 Experiment 1: Wireless Coverage...

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