experiment-1 - CIS6930/4930 Mobile Networking - Spring 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: CIS6930/4930 Mobile Networking - Spring 2010 Experiment 1 Due Date: April 21, 2010 Start Date: January 27, 2010 1 Introduction This experiment will allow you to collect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi AP traces. These traces will be used in the upcoming experiments for this class and can be used by you for your projects. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi AP traces are combined together in a single file. Bluetooth trace is produced by the result of scanning all the visible Bluetooth devices; the Wi-Fi AP trace is produced by result of scanning all the Access Points visible. Bluetooth trace can give insights into encounter patterns and AP trace can be clubbed to get location information. Please carry the device with you and run the scripts for as long as possible to get complete traces. For collecting the device, come with all your group members to the office hours of the course TA to E309. If you have a question, please email Udayan Kumar ( [email protected] ) or meet him during the office hours. 2 General Instructions 1. Do not exchange devices with anyone, this will insure that all the traces belong to your movement. 2. Check the battery indicators frequently and keep the devices charged up. A dead device also means loss of traces. 3. Periodically take a backup of the traces using any method suitable for your device. 4. You are also encouraged to keep a log of all the locations you visit, while carrying the device, this would give you a better sense of location, when doing the analysis. 3 Devices Currently, we have 10 Openmoko devices and 13 Nokia Devices (N810 and N800) available for the checkout. Both kinds of devices run Linux and cross-compilers are easy to setup for both of them. We would like to give a single kind of device to the whole group, so that one group has to setup compilers for only one...
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experiment-1 - CIS6930/4930 Mobile Networking - Spring 2010...

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