josh-email - vol 17 no 8 pp 1380-1394 August 1999

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Sheet1 Page 1 Subject: Presentation Papers for 2/15 Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 00:25:03 -0800 From: "Josh Train" <[email protected]> Organization: University of Southern California Newsgroups: usc.class.ee599 Hi, Here are the papers for our Presentation on Friday 2/15. We will be giving a good background to what protocols currently exist for Multicast over AdHoc Networks, Performance Comparison Metrics, And possible ways to improve these topics. Here are the Background Papers: If your going to read just one please read the first one: (This paper summarizes alot of the papers that follow.) A PERFORMANCE COMPARISON STUDY OF ADHOC WIRELESS MULTICAST PROTOCOLs Sung-ju Lee, William Su, Julian Hsu, Mario gerla and Rajive Bagrodia ODMRP:"On-demand multicast routing protocol", S. Lee, M. Gerla, C. Chiang, IEEE WCNC, p. 1298-1302, vol. 3, 1999. CAMP:"The Core-Assisted Mesh Protocol", J. J. Aceves, E. Madruga, IEEE JSAC,
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Unformatted text preview: vol. 17, no. 8, pp. 1380-1394, August 1999. Multicasting in Ad-Hoc Networks: Comparing MAODV and ODMRP, Thomas Kunz , Ed Cheng . ADHOC MULTICAST ROUTING PROTOCOL By Mingyan Liu, Rajesh R Talpade, Anthony McAuley, Ethendranath Bommaiah AMRIS: A Multicast Protocol for Adhoc Wireless Networks C.W. Wu, Y C Tay Adaptive Demand Driven Multicast Routing in MultiHop Wireless Ad-Hoc Sheet1 Page 2 Networks Jorjeta G. Jetcheva David B. Johnson A Mobility Framework for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks X. Hong, T. Kwon, M. Gerla, D. Gu and G. Pei Proceedings of ACM Second International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM '2001), Hong Kong, Jan. 2001....
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josh-email - vol 17 no 8 pp 1380-1394 August 1999

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