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Paper Review (Joint reviews allowed. All will get same grade. But each should be prepared to answer questions about the paper in a pop-up quiz fashion.) Summary: (2 paragraphs about 5 lines each) [30 points] Summarize the problem that the paper is addressing, the criticism/shortcomings that the paper provides for previous/related work, the approach/solution that the paper provides to overcome the previous shortcomings, and the main conclusions/results of the paper. [Use your own words to describe the summary (i.e., do not copy). You may use ideas from the abstract and conclusion in addition to your own understanding from reading the paper carefully.] Strengths and weaknesses of the paper: (at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses. Write about 2 lines for each) [30 points: 15+15] Provide your own view about the paper’s approach (was it a good one, in which ways? was it a bad approach, in which ways?). Is this paper a major or marginal contribution? Why do you think this is a major (or marginal)
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