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CNT5106C Computer Networks, Summer 2010 Instructor: Prof. Ahmed Helmy Homework #1 On the Internet Architecture, Elementary Queuing Theory and Application Layer [Date Assigned: June 1 st , 2010. Due Date: June 11 th , 2010] Total Points: 115 I. Internet and layered protocol architecture: Q1. (5 points) In the layered protocol architecture the transport layer functionality includes congestion control and error recovery (e.g., retransmission). One suggested that this functionality should be done strictly at the end points (i.e., at the hosts) without aid from the network. Do you agree? Why? Elaborate showing the design trade-offs. Q2. (5 points) What advantage does a circuit-switched network have over a packet- switched network? How can it establish such advantage? Q3. (10 points) What is the advantages and disadvantages of having a layered protocol architecture for the Internet? (mention at least 3 advantages and 2 disadvantages) Is it true that the change in any of the layers does not affect the other layers? (support your answer/arguments with examples) Q4. (10 points) Design parameters: In order to be able to analyze performance of the Internet protocols a researcher needs to model some parameters, such as number of nodes in the network, in addition to many other parameters. a.
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hwk1-Su10 - CNT5106C Computer Networks, Summer 2010...

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