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CNT5106C Computer Networks, Summer 2010 Instructor: Prof. Ahmed Helmy Homework #5 On Multicast at the Network Layer (IP Multicast and Membership) [Date Assigned: July 24 th . Due Date: Aug 3 rd ] Q1. (10 points) In several multicast routing protocols we use RPF check (reversed-path forwarding check). What is the purpose of such check? How does it work? What are the underlying assumptions this check relies on? Q2. (10 points) What are the differences between the targeted environments (potential number of group members etc.) for PIM-DM and PIM-SM? How does this lead to different protocol design? Q3. (18 points) IGMP provides membership information to the first hop router regarding the existence of receivers on a directly connected LAN. (a) Why are group-specific query messages introduced in IGMPv2? Argue showing what a router does when it receives a ‘leave’ message from a host. (b) The multicast host model does not define any interaction between the sources and IGMP. Do you see any problems with that? Explain. [Hint: Think of a case where there are no members for a group.] (c) A researcher suggested to have the source multicast a query to the group in order to find out whether there are members in the group or not. Receivers would respond to this query by sending response to the source. (I) Do you think that helps to solve the problem in (b) above? How? (II)
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Hwk5-mcast-10 - CNT5106C Computer Networks Summer 2010...

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