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“BloomBank” Financial Software Design CIS 3023 Project 6 Due date: Report on project classes and methods - July 27 th , 2010 (Tue) Complete implementation - August 3 rd , 2010 (Tue) Problem Statement: You work for Bloomberg. You are entrusted with the task of developing a financial software application called “BloomBank” in Java. The following are the basic requirements that you need to incorporate in the code. You may use any other Java functionality as appropriate and extend the interface. Requirements: The project should be implemented in three logical tiers as below: Tier I : Low level - Data Storage (File IO) All data from the transactions are stored in a directory called “BloomBankDatabase”. The first time the application is executed, this directory gets created. From then on, it is only “loaded” into the program for storing all banking transaction data. BloomBankDatabase directory can contain the files as described below. (Structure denotes the various fields (tokens) in the file and their order. The delimiter should always be a comma and the filetype should be csv. Name Structure Comments Customer.csv custID, custName, address, ssn, telephone, email Stores customer information CheckingAccount.csv checkingAccountID, custID, balance, checkingAccountFees Stores information about all checking accounts in the bank. SavingsAccount.csv savingsAccountID, custID, balance, savingsAccountFees Stores information about all savings accounts in the bank. Bank.csv username, userID, password Stores system access information. Default first entry should be “admin,101,aDMiN”. Transaction.csv custID, checkingAccountID/ savingsAccountID, (account) type, “withdraw”/ “deposit”, amount, remaining balance, current (logical) date-time (in EST) Stores all banking transactions along with current (logical*) date-time in EST. * User input during login. Admins get a userID from 101 and customers from 1001. Each file is created only when the relevant operation is performed the first time. For e.g., only after the first customer is added, the file customer.csv will be created.
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Tier II: Middle level – Domain logic and controller 1. Exception Classes (a) BloomBankException extends Exception (Shows the message: “General exception encountered. Restart!”, prints the error stack trace and exits.) (b) For File Access: BloomBankIOException extends IOException . Catches all I/O Exceptions. Exception Message (“BloomBank IO Exception encountered!”). BloomBankDatabaseNotFoundException extends BloomBankIOException Checks to see if the directory “BloomBankDatabase” exists in the current path. Else throws exception message “Non-existent BloomBankDatabase!” BloomBankDatabaseFileNotFound extends BloomBankIOException Checks to see if a particular file exists in the “BloomBankDatabase” directory. Else throws exception
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p6 - BloomBank Financial Software Design CIS 3023 Project 6...

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