Article 3 - Asking the right questions through conversation...

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Cheryce Knox Professional Selling 3:30 November 23, 2010 Tips for completing a sale Tristan Mcgowan This article focuses on making and completing successful sales and emphasizes the importance of asking questions. Mcgowan states that effective sales people open the sale with an open ended question. The goal is to engage the customer and force them to have a conversation rather than them simply responding to the sales person. The sales person must also be knowledgeable about the product and use the conversation to understand the customer’s needs. Asking engaging, open-ended questions helps the sales person convince the customer that the product will benefit them somehow. Throughout the sale, the sales person must also emphasize power selling points. Make the customer understand why they can’t live without the product. Creating a sense of urgency helps to increase the chance of closing the sale.
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Unformatted text preview: Asking the right questions through conversation convinces the customer they need and will benefit from the product. The focus is asking the right questions. From the start of the selling process, the sales person must ask yes questions that help convince the customer that they need the product, then in turn lead to them closing the sale. The ultimate goal is to get the customer to say yes to buying the product. Mcgowan suggests using at least four yes questions and then using the closing question. Questions such as Would this product make your life easier? or Is this cheaper than what youre currently using? help lead to the closing question of I hope I answered all of your questions. Would you like to start the checkout process? This questions method helps to engage the customer throughout the entire sales process. It also helps to increase the success of closing the sale....
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Article 3 - Asking the right questions through conversation...

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