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Cheryce Knox Professional Selling 3:30 November 30, 2010 5 Roadblocks to Closing a Sale and How to Overcome Them Geoffrey James them/11498?pg=2 This article discusses five major things that can keep a salesperson from being successful. They include: not having a relationship with the customer, lack of credibility, mismatched communication, incompatible beliefs, and conflicting self-interests. James discusses how to overcome these different roadblocks in order to make a successful sale. Not having a relationship with the customer can negatively affect the sale. The customer will be suspicious and not trust the sales person. James suggests setting up meetings with the
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Unformatted text preview: client in order to get to know them and build a relationship. Lack of credibility can also make the customer skeptical towards a salesperson. A salesperson must convince the customer they are reliable and present themselves in a professional manner. Another roadblock is miscommunication styles, which can be fixed by communicating in a way the customer will understand. Incompatible beliefs can also be another major roadblock. This is more difficult, because it is impossible to change another’s beliefs. Also, conflicting self-interests may prevent a sale. James warns that both of these roadblocks may potentially kill a sale, and if interests cannot be compromised and clash then the opportunity should just be left alone....
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