Article 5 - you. Setting up appointments or making check up...

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Cheryce Knox Professional Selling 3:30 November 30, 2010 The Softer Side of Selling Karim Jaude Relationship selling focuses on building a relationship with the customer and gaining a long-term commitment, far from the hard sell days when the goal was to solely gain quick sales. Relationship selling is beneficial to both the company and the customer. The customer gains better service since they are valued by the business, and in turn the company has a loyal customer who returns and also refers others to the business. Jaude gives seven steps to build and maintain a relationship in order to retain clients. First, the company must make it easy for the customer to reach them. The company must be open and available to the customer. Also, contact the customer, don’t wait until they contact
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Unformatted text preview: you. Setting up appointments or making check up calls makes them feel like they are taken care of. The salesperson must also be the expert. The customer is expecting them to be a resource for understanding the products and services, therefore the salesperson must be well informed on the product and industry. The salesperson should also sell the benefits, not the features, and convince the customer how they must have the product or service. Make sure, if there are any errors, the customer is compensated so that the company maintains a good impression. The company should also allow as many of the staff as possible to make decisions relating to the customer. And lastly, be sure that more than one employee is familiar with the customer to allow for easy transition if there are any staff changes....
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Article 5 - you. Setting up appointments or making check up...

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