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5 Keys to Relationship Selling Exploring the difference between Relationship Selling and traditional selling By Elinor Stutz Relationship selling begins with changing the old model of “Gotta sell to meet quota no matter what” to “Approach prospects as potential new friends.” The problem most people face is they make the sales process too complicated. By so doing, they place barriers between themselves and their prospects. The prospective buyer can almost see dollar signs floating out of the business person’s eyes. Once this is sensed, the sale dies. However, once you make the sales attitude switch, the rest is relatively easy. It actually becomes fun to meet new people, exchange ideas and have a lively conversation to find if there is a potential match to do business. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how we make friends and translate the strategy to selling : 1. Take an active interest in the other person. When we initially meet people, we like to know their background, if they are single or married; if married, how many years. We ask what type of work they are in, how they got there, how long they have been in that position. We may ask them what it’s like to work at their company. If the other person works out of their home, we will ask how long they lived in their home, where they lived previously, and if they have a family. If they have children, we will ask their ages, where the child’s interests lie, and possibly where they might go to college. There is absolutely no difference when you approach your prospects.
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Stutz5KeysRelationshipSelling6-09 - 5 Keys to Relationship...

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