Fall 2010 FAMU Regulators Assignment

Fall 2010 FAMU Regulators Assignment - Does this model work...

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Marketing 4841 - Fall 2010 Regulators Business Challenge Project Background For decades, Regulators has outfitted America’s workers. With a new generation coming into these roles and our traditional uniform wearer moving into retirement, Regulators has the opportunity to study the market for younger workers – specifically those workers moving into auto repair, construction, warehousing or jobs where they will not stay clean all day. Regulators currently provides uniform shirts, pants and jackets to these workers then launders their dirty garments every week. Class Challenge Develop the work apparel program that the younger generation of blue collar worker wants to wear. Include the product as well as the cleaning/repair/replace service they would like to receive. Considerations Consider the type of product next generations would like to wear. Is it branded? Is it different from the current product offering? We currently have a routed weekly cleaning service.
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Unformatted text preview: Does this model work well for next generation wearers? What makes it hard or inconvenient for our customers? What alternative service models could we consider? • Different models for different industries or occupations. Construction workers have different daily patterns than auto technicians. What would we need to do differently to appeal to the different core segments? • For the product and service model, are there differences / preferences by gender or race? Target group – Food Court/Café employees (18-25) Starbucks – (FSU) Marriott CVS Research – Questionnaires, Focus group, Personal interviews How do they feel about the service? Is it convenient? Are the uniforms conducive to the conditions you have to work in? How do you feel about the quality of the uniforms? What would you change about the uniform (i.e. branding, style, fit)? What would you change about the service (i.e. timeliness, repair, cleaning, etc.)?...
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Fall 2010 FAMU Regulators Assignment - Does this model work...

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