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MAR 4841 – Services Marketing Dr. Roscoe Hightower, Jr. – Fall 2010 & Career Development Office Mr. Kelvin Farmer ( or 599-8879) SBI Career Development Office (3 rd Floor South Wing) The School of Business and Industry has been recognized for its preparation of talented young men and women for significant roles in corporate America. Therefore, the Career Development Office is committed to establishing strong relationships with firms in both public and private sectors, in order to, support SBI’s mission in a way that makes our business school a special place for both our students and the multitude of companies that hire them. Objective As outlined in your syllabus for MAR 4841, the Career Development Office will support the course assignments which are designed to continue to improve students’ verbal, written, and thinking skills in preparing them for positions in the business world. Assignments The Career Development Office has identified five assignments that will assist students in the recruitment
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Unformatted text preview: process for internships, co-ops, and permanent placement. Each assignment is designed to improve students skills in areas such as resume writing, corporate professionalism, assessments, interviewing, and research. The assignments should be completed based solely upon personal and professional experiences. All assignments will be recorded and the results will be forwarded to Dr. Hightower for further consideration. Assignment #1 Resume Due - Friday, September 17, 2010 Assignment #2 Reception & Career Expo September 28 & 29, 2010 (Civic Center) Assignment #3 Behavioral Interview Questions Due September 27, 2010 Assignment #4 Assessment Oct. 4-8, 2010 (Appointment Only) Assignment #5 Mock Interviews Oct. 11-15, 2010 (Appointment Only) Cintas Interviews Oct. 26, 2010 (All candidates) Keys to Success Research, research, and research! Practice, practice, and practice! Network, network, and network!...
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