Product Development Guidelines Group Project (3)

Product Development Guidelines Group Project (3) - bullets...

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PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT – OPERATIONS PLAN Your group has developed in innovative product that will take the marketplace by storm. To prepare for the demand, which will rival the Snuggie, iPhone4, Chia Pet, and Shake Weight, your group must prepare an operations plan. The plan must address/include the following: 1. What is the strategy of the company? (Chp 2) Specialization- focus on narrow product lines or limited service to achieve higher quality Higher quality- focus on achieving higher quality than competitors 2. What is your forecast for the product? (Chp 3) 3. Where will you locate the facility? (Chp. 8)
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PROFESSIONAL WRITING AND APPEARANCE TIPS Do NOT merely answer the case questions in sequence. Instead, consider the answers in your explanation. Use paragraphs to address the issues. Do not use
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Unformatted text preview: bullets. Do NOT assign portions of the report to individuals and merely paste them together. The team (or a team leader) should edit the report for clear organization, logical flow, and consistent style. Use proper sentence structure. Ensure that there are no misspelled words or grammatical mistakes. Use 12-point font to make your report easy to read. You must double-space the report. Have several team members read over the case to ensure that it has a logical flow. The report should be complete but concise. In general, reports that are longer than fifteen pages (excluding the exhibits), are too long. Use exhibits. Remember that whenever you write, your task is to convince the readers that you have information that is worthy of their consideration. Be sure to proofread....
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Product Development Guidelines Group Project (3) - bullets...

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