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Managing Service Organizations HFT-3240 Section 3 Fall 2010 Course Syllabus Course Number: HFT-3240, Section # 3 Course Time: THURSDAY 5:15 – 8:15 pm Classroom: MCH 201 Professor: Bob Teel, MBA/MS Office: University Center, Building B, #4113 Telephone: 545-6010 Office Hours: By appointment. Course Description The Florida State Bulletin lists this course as follows: “An in-depth examination of the concept of service and the linkages of the three most important functional areas of the firm: marketing, operations, and human resources. The course also addresses the concept of quality”. Course Objectives A. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of services and basic differences between service and non-service organizations. B. Demonstrate the relationship between profit and growth to loyalty, satisfaction and value in service firms. C. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes necessary to design a service system. D. Demonstrate an understanding of the issues facing service firms in their quest for quality. Learning Methods A. There are several ways that students can learn in a classroom environment. One very important way is from active participation and involvement in class discussions. The climate of this class is intended to be a participative and open one, and students are encouraged to exchange their ideas with the class. B. There are two required textbooks. The Ownership Quotient , by James Heskett and Earl Sasser and one supplemental book required for class, Raving Fans , by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. The assigned readings are specified in the class calendar and students are required to have read the assigned readings prior to the date listed. C. Case method will be an integral part of this course. Three Harvard cases have been selected to reflect topics discussed in class and typical service management issues. Each student will be
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HFT_3240_03_Syllabus - Managing Service Organizations...

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