Intro. to Hospitality and Tourism Syllabus and Calendar, Fall 2010, syllabus, FINAL AT SANDELS

Intro. to Hospitality and Tourism Syllabus and Calendar, Fall 2010, syllabus, FINAL AT SANDELS

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Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Fall 2010 Course Guide Identification: HFT 1000, Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Reference Number 05810 Location of Class: SAN 108 Time of Class: 3:35-4:50 PM Section: 03 Day of Class: Monday and Wednesday Instructor Information Professor: Dr. Kimberly Harris Office: UCB4112 Phone: (850) 644-8246 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 2 PM until 3 PM , and by appointment. *Office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays are not available except by appointment. Often my door is shut at times when office hours are not offered. This means that I cannot see students due to research or time when I am on the phone. It is disruptive when visitors knock on the door when it is shut, so please observe that the closed door means that you will have to visit during regular office hours or call for an appointment. Email is available to you at all times, so if calling is not convenient, please send an email with your request and I will respond as soon as possible. It is best to give me at least 48 hour notice when needing an appointment unless it is an emergency. E-mail: Official e-mail address is ; however, all mail is forwarded the AOL address for easy access during traveling. Please use the AOL address. Course Description: This class is designed to expose students to the hospitality industry at large. Discussion, Internet research, invited speakers, and interactive classroom activities will be instituted in the class. Required Text: Introduction to Hospitality, 5 th Edition. by John R. Walker, ISBN 10-0135139287. Published by Prentice Hall, 2009. Objectives: Students will become familiar with the following… 1. The definition of hospitality and the different segments of the hospitality industry. 2. Pioneers of the hospitality industry. 3. Careers in hospitality. 4. Current trends and challenges in the hospitality industry. 5. Areas of study that best prepare the hospitality student. 6. Work experience and opportunities to advance in the hospitality industry. 1
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7. Other areas as time permits. Effort will be made to include a speaker to represent the areas above. No absences will be granted on days when a speaker visits our classroom, so plan ahead. A fifty point reduction will be applied to your grade on a day when speakers are to be present or other special events are planned. Class Protocol: Dress professionally . This is a professional environment in which you are conducting scholarly work in preparation for your career. It is also an environment in which business clients, global scholars, political and social leaders, and contributors to the University frequent. Please dress in business casual, or in jeans with a nice shirt. Low-cut blouses, low-hanging trousers, mid-rift or stomach-revealing shirts sheer clothing revealing undergarments, or a generally unkempt appearance is inappropriate, for both males and females. Do not bring food or drink into the class.
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Intro. to Hospitality and Tourism Syllabus and Calendar, Fall 2010, syllabus, FINAL AT SANDELS

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