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MAN_4720 spring 2011 - Florida A & M University School...

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School of Business and Industry MAN 4720 - Business Policy (3 credit hours) Spring 2011 “Choices are like elevators, they either take you up or take you down.” –Coach Joe Taylor Instructor: J.M. Collins, Ph.D. Office Phone: 599 - 8347 Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. and Thursday 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. and by appt. Office: 418 EW Course Textbook: David, F. (any editions). Strategic Management . Prentice Hall Publishing Co. GLO-BUS simulation ( ) Suggested Readings: 1) Any Management textbook, 2) Any business periodical, and 3) Tony Dungy or John Maxwell leadership books. Course Objectives : Business Policy (Strategic Management) is designed as a “capstone” course for all students pursuing a degree in the School of Business & Industry. It is structured in such a way that will require students to apply knowledge, in a limited way, acquired from the different functional areas within the business curriculum to develop strategic processes with “real world” organizations. This integrative effort should provide students with a conceptual overview and practical experience necessary to understand the synergistic effects of strategic formulation, implementation, and evaluation processes. Prerequisites: Completion of 90 credit hours with a course in all functional areas and no more than 2 semesters from graduation. Student Learning Objectives: The learning strategies used in this class will entail experiential projects, case analyses, research projects, and lecturettes. These learning strategies will enhance your analytical, critical thinking, application, synthesis, communication (oral and written), leadership, decision-making, and cooperative learning skills. The overall objective of policy (strategic management) is to develop skills that will enable students to use their cross-functional knowledge to make rational and ethical decisions in a dynamic and global environment by strategically planning to capitalize on opportunities and minimizing potential threats. The specific student learning outcomes for this course are as follows. Students will be able to: 1) develop effective mission, vision, and values statements; 2) evaluate mission statements; 3) conduct a SWOT analysis; 4) conduct a strategic audit and case analysis on real organizations; and 5) make strategic business decisions for real organizations. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ COURSE OVERVIEW MAN 4720 is the capstone course for B.S. program. As such, this course is intended to be a challenging and exciting. This course centers around the fundamental question of: Why are some firms more successful than others? Hence, this course centers around the theme that a company achieves sustained success only if its managers have an astute, timely strategic game plan for running the company, and implement that plan with proficiency. This course also helps you to integrate much of the knowledge gained in the core business curriculum. The problem and issues
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MAN_4720 spring 2011 - Florida A & M University School...

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