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Strategic_plan_outli - Endria Cox OUTLINE FOR THE STRATEGIC PLAN Please bullet your responses Staple the completed assignment do not spend any

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Endria Cox OUTLINE FOR THE STRATEGIC PLAN Please bullet your responses. Staple the completed assignment; do not spend any money binding the assignment. Make sure to respond to every item. I. GETTING STARTED A. Steps in Process - Provide responses in bullet format. Step 1 Identify and analyze the company’s value, mission, and vision statement Step 2 Perform an external audit using the EFE as well as a CPM Step 3 Perform an internal audit using the IFE, financial ratios, and VCA Step 4 Pick strategies that the company could do to better the organization and strategic issue Step 5 Conduct a SWOT Matrix, SPACE Matrix, BCG Matrix, Grand Strategy Matrix, and IE Matrix (at least 3of these including the SWOT Matrix) to match the internal and external factors to generate alternative strategies Step 6 Conduct a QSPM to determine the overall attractiveness of suggested strategies based on internal and external factors Step 7 Recommend the strategy with the highest overall attractiveness score and discuss management issues that may need to be developed or alter because of the new suggested strategy Step 8 Calculate the company’s EPS/EBIT analysis to determine whether there is enough capital to implement the strategy Step 9 Complete a Balance Score Card to evaluate the strategy from the financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business process, and learning and growth Step 10 Decide upon a contingency plan in case the strategy is not successful or if the results of the score card are not what are desired. B. Information and/or materials used to complete assignment Marriott Background information, financial statements, 10K information, articles, press release, and academic articles C. Time Frame The base of this outline was started at the beginning of the semester. Continuing to complete it took about 2hours a day or 5hours a week some weeks. D. Resources Needed – all resource your team used to complete this assignment The internet as well as Introduction to Hospitality by Walker, John 5 th edition was used to complete this assignment. In addition Strategic Management by David, Fred was used as a guideline. II. MANDATES (“MUSTS”) -CLARIFYING/UNDERSTANDING A. History/Evolution of the Organization Mr. J. W. Marriott and his wife did not start in the lodging industry. They first opened up an A & W Root beer stand in 1927 and named it Hot Shoppe. In 1953, Marriott’s Hot Shoppe Company began publicly selling stocks for $10.25. Two years later, Marriott Food Service Company was established and two years after that, the 1st Marriott hotel opened in Arlington, VA. From 1980-2000, Marriott opened international hotels, theme parks, introduced numerous foundations, acquired more hotel properties, entered into the vacation time-share market as well as the senior living markets. They also sold some of their brands as well as the Food Service Company to Sodexho Alliance and the senior living services. B.
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Strategic_plan_outli - Endria Cox OUTLINE FOR THE STRATEGIC PLAN Please bullet your responses Staple the completed assignment do not spend any

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