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International Wine & Culture- HFT2062 Spring 2011

International Wine & Culture- HFT2062 Spring 2011 -...

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Florida State University Dedman School of Hospitality HFT 2062: INTERNATIONAL WINE & CULTURE ON-LINE Professor: Mark A. Bonn, Ph.D. Spring 2011 (850) 644-8244 [email protected] Office Hours: UCB 4104 M/W 12:20 pm -1:20 pm or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Brianna Calnan [email protected] COURSE SYLLABUS Optional Text: Windows on the World, Complete Wine Course, A Lively Guide Author: Kevin Zraly Publisher: Sterling Publishing CO., Inc. ISBN: 1402717334 Course Description: This is a course delivered online through Blackboard and is an introduction to wines of the world with a focus upon their importance to global cultures found in many regions. Students will learn about these regional wines and the interrelationship with their cultures and heritage and classified as: a. “Old World” regions of the world representing western, eastern and central Europe along with the eastern Mediterranean; and b. “New World” regions representing North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Course Philosophy: Wine is ancient and has been in existence for over 8,000 years. It is an integral part of our world culture and heritage. Wine is associated with a refined and gracious way of life and receives utmost respect from wine growers, wine makers, distributors and retailers. It is well documented historically that particular types of wine have received reverence from the highest levels of ancient societies. Wine is used in social settings to enhance the quality of a meal. Thus, individuals should demonstrate respect for wine at all times. 1
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HFT 2062: INTERNATIONAL WINE & CULTURE ONLINE (CONTINUED) Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to: 1. Explore wines from around the world 2. Identify international wine terminology 3. Explain the impact geography, climate, culture, and heritage have upon wines from Old World and New World regions 4. Recall pronunciation and meaning of wines of the world as related to their culture 5. Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology associated with wines from around the world 6. Explain the interrelationship of world wines, history and culture 7. Describe grape varietal types and their associated characteristics found in areas located in the northern and southern hemisphere Learning Methods: Learning method may be accomplished in several ways: 1. Blackboard (on-line) presentations prepared by the professor feature PowerPoint presentations, vineyard and winery websites, maps, and YouTube videos. Presentations highlight many varieties of wine from the most highly regarded wine regions worldwide. Information regarding wine features, characteristics, and the impact of the immediate culture upon those traditional foods served with regional wines will be presented.
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