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2233CE5 - points Section 3.3 1 Suppose that N t is the...

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Section 3.2 (cont.) 3) Using the following graph, a) In about 1987, the death rates from prostate cancer and colon/rectum cancer were the same. Were the instantaneous rates of change of the cancers also equal in 1987? b) In 1947, which type of cancer was growing most rapidly? c) In 1990, which type of cancer was growing most rapidly? 4) Draw secants through neighboring points to find the tangent line at each of the indicated
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Unformatted text preview: points. Section 3.3 1) Suppose that N( t ) is the number of students enrolled in FIU t years after 1972. a) What are the units on N N ( t )? b) Is it possible for N N ( t ) to be negative? Explain. c) Is it possible for N( t ) to be negative? Explain....
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