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2233CE7 - Section 3.2 1 Vermont Instruments makes two kind...

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Section 3.2 1) Vermont Instruments makes two kind of calculators, the VI-83 and the VI-86. The number of VI-83s sold each year is given by calculators x years after 1990. The d x x ( ) , = 12 376 number of VI-86s sold each year is given by calculators x years after 1990. i x x ( ) = 3972 a) Write a formula for the total number of calculators sold by Vermont Instruments x years after 1990. b) Write the formula for the rate of change of the total number of calculators sold. c) How many total calculators were sold in 2002? d) How rapidly were calculators selling in 2002? Interpret your answer. 2) Total federal government expenditures (in billions of dollars) of the United States for the years 1991 to 1998 can be modeled by y = 9.67x - 17,890.89 billion dollars in year x. a) Were total federal government expenditures increasing or decreasing during the time period modeled by the equation? b) How rapidly were total federal government expenditures changing in 1997? c) What was the average rate of change of total federal government expenditures between 1995 and 1997?
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