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2233CE14 - Section 5.4(cont 3 The rate of change of the...

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Section 5.4 (cont.) 3) The rate of change of the length of the average hospital stay between 1980 and 1996 can be modeled by the equation where t is the number of years s t t days per year when t t days per year when t ( ) . . . . = < + 0028 023 0 10 00408 030833 10 16 since 1980. Determine the values of the following definite integrals and interpret your answers. a) s t dt ( ) 0 10 b) s t dt ( ) 10 16 c) s t dt ( ) 0 16 4) Many businesses spend money each year on advertising in order to stimulate sales of their products. The data given in the table show the approximate increase in sales (in thousands of dollars) that an additional $100 spent on advertising, at various levels, can be expected to generate. a) Find a model for these data. b) Use the model in part a to determine a model for the total sales revenue as a function of the amount x spent on advertising. Use the fact that revenue is 500 thousand dollars when $1000 is spent on advertising. c) Find the point where returns begin to diminish for sales revenue. d) The managers of the business are considering an increase in
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