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Nov 29 Prototyping - PAINTING In the Wilson Center FINAL...

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FINAL PROJECT REPORT November 29, 2007 In the Wilson Center Mon (12/3): 9am 5pm Tue (12/4): 9am – 5pm Wed (12/5): 9am – 1pm Prototypes to be submitted 1-3pm on Dec 5 PAINTING Due: Dec 11 Reports bounded in the CNC lab between 1pm – 5pm on Dec 11 All team members must sign the cover page Project Report Formatting instructions will be on CTools after the lecture today Page limit: 15 excluding cover page, TOC, Appendices Font: 12 point Times New Roman Line spacing: single Report Format Very detailed! 8 sections Each section contains sub-sections with descriptive titles TOC on CTools One paragraph is adequate Project background Project motivation Problem statement 1. Foreword
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This is the executive summary. Not to exceed a page. Talk about results: Design Manufacturing Costs Recommendation 2. SUMMARY Briefly describe the problem Is this a new product introduction? Is this a re-design of an existing product? Why? 3. Product Design What were the identified “needs”?
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