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06 social influence Handouts.key

06 social influence Handouts.key - Social Inuence OR...

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Social Influence OR getting people to say yes to you... How social influence is helpful in organizations How can you increase the likelihood that people will listen to, respect, and support your perspective? How can you get others to follow through on agreements they have made with you? What can you do to ensure that your ideas gain momentum with others in the organization? What can you do to influence a group if no one else in the group is on your side? What is social influence? Conceptualized as mostly anecdotal, soft skill One of most well-tested, extensively- researched topics Skills anyone can use Skills work across different settings
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Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence Distilled, empirically validated, practical strategies Emerged from the field Most effective when used in combination Like any effective tool, they come with ethical constraints 1. Liking Liking : People like those who (a) who are similar to us (b) offer praise Action Implications: Give credit where credit is due—publicly More powerful if praise is authentic Create early bonds by discovering common
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