Midterm Review - Chen Duxiu • Lu Xun • Guomindang (GMD)...

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Midterm Review 1. Scope: lectures and readings from Week 1 to Week 7 2. Format: 50 minutes, IDs, one short essay 3. IDs Old regimes Literati/samurai/yangban Emperor/shogun/king Neo-Confucianism Examination system Classical Chinese v. vernacular language Tribute system Jesuits Kangxi Emperor Sacred Edicts Treaty of Nerchinsk Qianlong Emperor Macartney mission Lin Zexu Tokugawa bakufu Daimyo/domain (tozama, fudai, shimpan) National Learning Dutch Learning Genroku urban culture Alternate attendance system King Sejong Practical Learning (silhak) Transformations Unequal treaties Opium Wars Taiping Rebellion Self-strengthening Movement Empress Dowager Cixi Li Hongzhang First Sino-Japanese War Kang Youwei Hundred Days Reform Boxer Uprising Yuan Shikai Sun Yat-sen Xinhai Revolution May Fourth Movement
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Unformatted text preview: Chen Duxiu • Lu Xun • Guomindang (GMD) • Northern Expedition • Chiang Kai-shek • Fukuzawa Yukichi • Sonno Joi movement • Meiji Restoration • Meiji Emperor • Saigo Takamori • Ito Hirobumi • Meiji constitution • Zaibatsu • “Civilization and enlightenment” • Russo-Japanese War • Ch’oe Ikhyŏn • King/Emperor Kojong • Taewon’gun • Treaty of Kanghwa • Enlightenment faction • Righteous troops • Patriotic Enlightenment Movement • Annexation of Korea Short essay • A single event: compare and contrast with other events (connect the dots) • Broad themes o The idea of orthodoxy: How was it maintained? How did it change? o Modernization: success v. failure; methods/strategies; continuities v. changes o East Asia: commonalities v. specificities...
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Midterm Review - Chen Duxiu • Lu Xun • Guomindang (GMD)...

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