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Quiz 1 Study Guide This quiz (on February 8th) will consist of two parts: ID and one short essay. For the ID part, you will get a list of five IDs and asked to identify three of them. Your answer should define the term and, more importantly, explain its historical significance. This part will comprise 60% of your quiz grade, with each answer counting for 20% of the grade. Here is a list of the IDs you need to study for the quiz: Sacred Edicts Macartney embassy Yangban Japanese invasions of Korea Jesuits Alternate Attendance system Neo-Confucianism The Genroku period Opium Wars Taiping Rebellion Self-Strengthening Movement The Sino-Japanese War There will also be one short essay question on one of the themes that we will have covered by
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Unformatted text preview: January 31st. In your answer, you’ll be expected to incorporate at least one reading (other than the textbook) that relates to the theme in question. You don’t have to remember the name of the author or the title of the reading: just give me an indication that you’ve read it and understood how it relates to this class. This question is meant to make sure that you have done all the assigned readings for class and to prepare you for the future exams. The question will not be a surprise to you if you’ve done the readings and paid attention in sections....
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