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Unformatted text preview: AMS301.2: Finite Mathematical Structures A, Spring 2011 Instructor: Estie Arkin, Math Tower 1-106, 632-8363, [email protected],˜estie/estie.html; Office hours: Tentative: Tuesday 11-12, Wednesday 1-3 and by appointment. You may also stop by whenever you have a question, I am usually in 10-4 every day. I also welcome questions by email or by phone. TA: TBA Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 3:50-5:10, Javits 111. Text: Applied Combinatorics, 5th Ed. , by Alan Tucker. Homeworks: Homework will be assigned weekly (approximately), and will be due at the beginning of class on the due date. There will be approximately 10 homework sets, equally weighted, and I will drop the lowest two scores before computing your average. No late homework will be accepted. (Since I drop the 2 lowest scores, missing a homework due to illness should not be a problem.) You may discuss homework problems with other students taking the course, with the TA, and with the instructor. But the work that you turn in should always beinstructor....
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