hw5 - the Fnal answer!!! Reminder: Midterm is Thursday...

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AMS 341 (Spring, 2011) Estie Arkin Operations Research I: Deterministic Models Homework Set # 5 Due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Read: Chapter 4 Sections 11,12,13, Chapter 5 Sections 1,2,3, and Chapter 6 Section 4. 1). Review problem 5, parts a,b,c,d,e, Chapter 5 (page 256). 2). Review Problem 4 (parts a,b,c,d) Chapter 5 (pages 255-256). Note: You can check your solutions using Lindo, Excel etc. Make sure you show your calculations, not just
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Unformatted text preview: the Fnal answer!!! Reminder: Midterm is Thursday March 17. (Try to come a bit early to get set up!) The material is homeworks 1-5. The exam is closed notes and book. You may bring a “cheat sheet”. This is a 4 by 6 index card that must be hand written by you (not typed, not xeroxed), and it will be turned in with your exam. I will hand out blank index cards before the exam. Old exams and solutions are available on the course web page....
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