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PHY126 HW Set 3 (Chap.12) Problem 12.27 Description: The figure shows a traffic signal, with the masses and positions of its various members indicated. The structure is mounted with two bolts, located symmetrically about the vertical member's centerline, as indicated. What tension force must the left-hand bolt be capable of withstanding? 38 cm n l n r o Solution The forces on the traffic signal structure, and their lever arms about point O (on the vertical member’s centerline between the bolts) are shown above. The normal force exerted by the bolts and the ground on the vertical member are designated by n l and n r , measured positive upward. The two conditions of static equilibrium needed to determine n l and n r are: + + + = = kg) 65 kg 170 kg )(320 m/s 8 . 9 ( ) ( 0 2 r l o y n n F and + = = ) m/s m)](9.8 kg)(8.0 (65 m) kg)(3.5 [(170 - m) 38 . 0 )( ( ) ( 0 2 l r o z n n τ These two equations can be rewritten as: N 10 88 . 2 N, 10 44 . 5 4 3 × = × = + l r l r n n n n Thus we find which is downward and must be exerted by the bolt. N, 10 17 . 1 4 × = l n
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Problem 12.30 Description: A garden cart loaded with firewood is being pushed horizontally when it encounters a step 8.0 high, as shown in the figure. The mass of the cart and its load is 55
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HW_Ch12_Sol - PHY126 HW Set 3 (Chap.12) Problem 12.27...

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