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lab1_evaluation - measurement description count fringes...

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PHY 252 - Lab 1 Valuation System (Sec. 1 and Sec. 3) Christian Holzner Disclaimer: it is intended that this list gives you an idea how your lab report was evaluated. This is not a complete representation of the grading and is by no means inclusive. Extra points were given for exceptional efforts and analysis. Introduction general info: team, date, experiment, etc. short description of goals; introduction 0.5 sketch of experimental setup; indicate relevant quantities alignment of interferometer: remarks and observations 0.5 playing with fringes; observations and explanations Micrometer Calibration objective 0.5
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Unformatted text preview: measurement: description; count fringes; observations; calculate d_m 1.0 explain formula for d_m 0.5 errors: d_m reading, fringe positions, etc. 1.0 error propagation for d_m Refractive Index of Air objective 0.5 measurement: p_cell vs. fringes; explain how measured 1.0 explain formula for m_p 1.0 plot measurement results: m_p vs. p; linear fit 1.0 determine refractive index of air (n) from fit 1.0 errors: d, p, p_atm, m, fitting->slope error 1.0 error propagation for n Conclusions concluding remarks, etc. 0.5 compare obained value of n with literature value; discuss 10.0 total...
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