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PHY 252 Lab 7: The Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen Fall 2009 1 Introduction In this experiment you will measure the visible part of the hydrogen spectrum, the Balmer series, and determine the Rydberg constant R y . If parallel rays of light are incident perpendicularly to the plane of a diffraction grating, with uniform phase over the grating, then one will observe a diffraction pattern which will have a series of intensity maxima at angles θ satisfying the equation = d sin θ, n = 0 , 1 , 2 , . . . (1) where λ is the wavelength of the emitted light, and d is spacing between adjacent grooves on the grating. Thus the grating will allow a determination of an unknown wavelength if the positions of the intensity maxima are measured and d is known. 2 Apparatus The means for mounting the grating, obtaining parallel rays and measuring the positions of the maxima are provided by the spectrometer table, indicated in the Figure. Light from the source passes through a collimator which consists of a vertical slit and lens. With proper adjustment the collimator can be made to emit parallel rays. This light passes through the grating and is observed in a telescope which has been focused to accept parallel refracted rays. The positions of the various intensity maxima are then determined by noting their position as angles on the vernier scale on the spectrometer table. 3 Alignment It is extremely crucial for the success of this experiment that the spectrometer is aligned accurately. Your TA will show you how to do this. The steps are the following: 1
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Figure 1: Spectrometer setup. 1.
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lab7_h_spectrum - PHY 252 Lab 7: The Emission Spectrum of...

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