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Elements of PHY 252 lab reports The lab notebook should document what you did on an experiment, how you did the analysis, and what your results and conclusions were. Here are some comments based on the Michelson Interferometer lab. First of all, the only way to do the lab properly is to be prepared! Read the lab writeup be- forehand. Think through what the most important parameters of the measurement are; often your error will be dominated by one parameter and if you can improve its measurements you can greatly improve your results. Your lab notebook should record the date of the experiment, and the people on the experimental team. You should list the name of the lab and a 1–3 sentence description of your goals in the lab. If your apparatus has a serial number, record that. Make a simple schematic sketch (not an artistic drawing!) of your apparatus, and indicate relevant settings. Note that for the measurement of the refractive index of air in the Michelson Interferometer lab, you have the rare situation of needing to record one environmental parameter: the barometric pressure at the time of your experiment (you can probably get that off of a web site with a listing of the weather at Islip airport). Describe the procedure of setting up your apparatus. In the case of the Michelson Interferom- eter, you should add any comments you find useful to the alignment procedure in the lab handout, and make sketches of how the fringe patterns change as you get the system into alignment. As you
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lab_writeups - Elements of PHY 252 lab reports The lab...

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