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2211_Exam 1 Addendum Key - CHM 2211 Last First Name(Print...

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Unformatted text preview: CHM 2211 Last, First Name (Print) Fall 2010 Exam 1B Addendum UFID 1. [5 ’pts) Draw the structure for the anion that forms after deprotonation of the most acidic proton in the structure shown below along with all important resonance structures. strong 0 H base 0 P9 iniiiat anion 2. [5 pts) Show how you would synthesize the following alcohol. For one point you can buy the structure of MCPBA. ‘ 3. [5 pts] Use what you learned about the oxidation of aldehydes and the Fischer esterification to show how to synthesize the following ester starting with butanal. ...
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