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Unformatted text preview: CHM 42?: I5 '1' Hume-work #1 name Spring. 10:1 1. Give the "memes required lin- Fem the fiellmvim polymers. or the polymers IhIl form from the reaction of the given remnants. Classify the pnly'merixmiuns as to whether Ihey are step-gm'mh. chain gmwlh. or ling-opening. Classify Ih: polymers es lo whelher me}; are eundensntiun er nddiliun types. chain growth addition IE! Lfl-fléfl‘r'wi at? gnaw- tr‘éiw ‘to [3.1.0.] in h: m3 I. Iiegler Malta (Coordination: polymerizalion can be modeled by a mono-metallic and a hi-mctallic chemical system. Give a111eehanism for the polymerizatim‘l ofprnrpylene initiated using lhe TiCh and Allin initiator system using a mono-metallic model. 3. Draw a series of repeat unils I'or polypropylene [l-E'Hg-(‘HiC'H 1.}-‘.ln] that allow illustration of an isotactic and a syndiotaetic structure. m p_ :H h M I 1} {atlsotaetic at: {rm “‘5' 3-H. 1H. “9L6 I ‘mj‘s la“- ‘4?" n. [b] Syndiolactie H CH3 :ua. .5.th IH _ 4H3 and --l-'L ii’ififfiafi. vs. 4. The free radical polymerization of red-nylon: {Csl-Lii leads to a lej'lllltr containing both long and short branches. Give mechanisms that show how both ofthesc 1311c: flfhmnehing occur. 5. In the boxes provided below. git-e the slructm'cs for the mullet inlfi'mtdiates Ihat form when acrylocnilrile [CHg-CHecnl is initiated using. a reducing electron lransl'ei' initiator such as sodium naphthalisle. Him; Ri-mrmhi'r rim: u rem‘n'w inter-merino: car: he rtrdr'rrri. rrrtirmh' t-It‘ nrrr'rrm'e refine. fr. Fill in the hlanks a. the cationic polymerization ot‘a substitmed aikene is facilitated by an electron glibfifitiflg pendant group. b. A. more polar solvent causes a cationic polymerization to proceed with a fasbcr or slower mm. M c. Mn] ll. 3.1.1 '5 fig polymerisation is one in which all ot'the chains are initiated simultaneously and Ihere are no intrinsic termination reactions. d_ Mn} $1M“ F T polymerization med-led is used to condense monomers Which contain two terminal alkencs. g. a. vinyl polymer is said to be égfim0+CCiiL when the stereochemical configuration alternates a long the polymer chain. ,1) Eager—LL;er Pgiyw‘uzef‘on 0.; PFOPylW +0 933) :1“; CH3 L'l \ 3 “.ILHL /~CZ“5 Tic“ T A\\ cx x11! 3A1 . cf“; CNS 0/ Lb" \ Czfig vagaw’c gk’ce -%3'6> [T3231 96.] p Initiation m '1' :fi - c CH 111 M _ "'1 g H w i E u. " we: ‘5 u: 413raanxag 1n leflfiuxy'mffl ——:_‘,) inH:iaJrio-u 1mm— T—z-r: 3-10- aim-a radica'l M] TV {1an L -_':p [LO -—" {-HL—J-HL ‘——3) PM age-tiara a“; m -r.H.L~——CH1 mfinm a —-'J EMS-CH1. LHL L 1- EU'E CHLi 2-HT. GLic'fik A m F-LC'fiLIAtIHL '—' ‘2'} Tar MILna-H Elf]. Lha‘m Tra- flaky r' £—""'-\ J 4 l I --H to ALHLfi 1m {EH-L '___:_) Lick—{r {fluid (EH 1. film-11.x Lfiifl: H1- énL mtfi |I. War-Lh- 35.“ ant, [HERE i fl «It I.) I a! 105- c HA: {Hr harm‘- fif‘“ f“ H; m 4;— m—‘fi-fitm- if“ LfiL—aLflL l|:_I"|.-|. ffi'l. h;f_ua'l I'D-rmh Wu Cl-H-L l EH}. 1. ,_, CH u '3 ruin-EH1 '5- W m .-—___—-_I.'l-l-L tflqu‘fi-nti “ UH why 'LHL— Q Hi ml: CHL QO—E LHL-gj“ fi-H a 10:44 bu}a\ bdal OR C . I Cr) {.HL—CH buhad ska/Jr band ...
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