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Class Background and Knowledge Physical Chemistry of Polymers CHEMISTRY 5511 1. Did you take an undergraduate polymer science course? Yes…….No 2. Have you taken a graduate polymer synthesis course? Yes…….No 3. If “Yes” on #2, was that CHM 5275 here at UF? Yes…….No 4. Write a definition for the glass transition. The temperature (or T range) at which a second order thermal transition takes place for an amorphous polymer being in a rigid / glassy state with no segmental motion, to a state in which facile segmental motion occurs leading to a softening of the material.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Write a definition for “creep” in a solid polymer. Upon application of a force to a solid polymer, polymer chains (above T g ) slide by one another and the material elongates or flows. (Discuss densification). 6. Describe the concept of a “theta-condition” or a “theta-solvent as it pertains to a polymer chains conformation. The point when a polymer in solution is in its ideal conformation because the attractive and repulsive parts of the monomer unit (segment) interactions cancel one another....
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