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CHM 5511 – Spring 2010 Section 4 – Molecular Weight Control 1. Mechanism a. Step Growth b. Chain Growth c. Living ionic and radical 2. Carothers Equation a. Use of an array of bifunctional “molecules” b. Calculations of M n and M w c. Stoichiometric balance and X n control with imbalance 3. Molecular Weight Distributions a. Number average b. Weight average c. Determination of statistically controlled polydispersity 4. Methods of Molar Mass determination (before polymer solutions)
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Unformatted text preview: a. General overview b. End group analysis i. Radiolabeling c. MALDI-mass spectrometry i. Instrumentation and components ii. Absolute (m/z = 2 V t 2 /l 2 ) vs. relative method iii. Information from MALDI 1. Repeat unit composition 2. End group identity – termination mechanisms 3. “monodispersity” in dendrimers, bio-macromolecules and fractionated polymers 4. Polydispersity in low X n samples and standards...
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