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Physical Chemistry of Polymers CHEMISTRY 5511 (Section 5356) Leigh Hall 104 Professor John R. Reynolds Spring 2009 Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. (Period 2) (2 credits) Lectures: Lectures will span fundamental concepts of the physical chemistry of macromolecules, experimental methods for measuring physical constants and properties of polymers, and examples from the literature. Supplemental materials added to the lectures will be covered upon examination. Text: We will not follow any one text, but most fundamental concepts will utilize “Polymer Physics”, by Rubinstein and Colby (Oxford University Press, 2003). Use of this text with specific sections to be focused on will be announced. Readings: Assignments made for various readings of material from outside sources will be "fair game" on exams. Homework: Specific problem sets will be assigned during the course. These will not be collected or graded. Homework problems will be an important part of the exams and the assigned problems will provide necessary exposure
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