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Template for Submission of Communications to the Journal of the American Chemical Society Word 2003, version 3.3 (Revised 2009) This template should be used only for preparing Communications for submission to the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Be sure to check the journal Web page to ensure that you are using the most recent version of the template. The template contains much of the formatting information that is used in the journal. Use of the template will save time during the review and production processes and will expedite publication. This template provides authors with the opportunity to gauge the length of their Communications, eliminating the delay and cost of shortening them to the two-page limit at the galley stage. A general idea of the length will be given by inserting your artwork (displayed equations, figures, schemes, charts, and tables) into the template sized appropriately for final publication; usually you will want to place them in a single column to conserve space. Do NOT modify the template in any way (delete space, modify font size/line height, etc.) to make your Communication fit within the two-page limit. NOTE: The last page of this template contains a space where you are to paste the Table of Contents graphic as well as provide an Abstract to be included in the Web version of the journal. Please read the general instructions given below on how to use the template. If you are unfamiliar with the use of templates or if you need more detailed information on the preparation and submission of a manuscript for the Journal of the American Chemical Society , see the latest version of the Instructions for Authors at http://pubs.acs.org/page/jacsat/submission/authors.html . Using the template 1. There are several ways to work with your manuscript within this template: (A) type your manuscript directly into the template and (B) apply the template formatting to an already prepared manuscript. A. If typing your manuscript directly into the template, select (highlight) the text of the template that you want to replace (e.g., select the Title section for typing in your title) and begin typing your manuscript into the template. B. If you have already prepared your document in a Word file, you can either (1) copy and paste your manuscript into the template or (2) attach the template to your manuscript file and apply the template Style tags. If you are following either of these methods, it would be useful to print a copy of the template so that you know what the different Styles are for the different parts of the manuscript. If you are attaching the template, the page layout will need to be modified. 2.
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template_for_communications_for_JACS - Template for...

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