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CHM 5511 Spring 2010 Term Paper Format 1. Title “Recent Advances In …. .” should designate the field you are writing about and, where possible, specify the limits of the area you are covering. 2. Your name, the date of April 2010, and University of Florida should be centered on the page under your title. 3. Abstract: You should write an abstract that tells the reader what the text of the term paper encompasses. See J. Am. Chem. Soc. and Macromolecules for examples. 4. Key words: select 3-6 keywords that someone searching the internet for information in your field might use in an attempt to find information. 5. Introduction: You should introduce the topic, relate how it fits into the world of polymer physical chemistry, and detail why the material you are covering can be seen as a recent advances paper. This is a good place to refer to recent high quality review articles. 6. Body of the text: You can use your own judgment and creativity in how you lay out the text. Remember; you are teaching people with this paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Length of a term paper is always a question. Typically, there is a distribution in lengths around a 10 – 15 page average. 7. Figures and Tables: Use Figures and Tables from the literature that you appropriately reference that help you make the important points. Special consideration in grading is given to those who take the time to create their own figures that bring together results from various studies. Remember; a (good) picture is worth a thousand words. Feel free to use color pictures if it helps. Just remember to print in color. 8. References: Put these at the end of the paper as a list and have them inserted where appropriate throughout the text. Use the referencing format of the ACS. When complete; supply a hard copy (for grading) and an electronic copy (for posting on the web) to Dr. Reynolds. Your paper is due on or before April 1 (No Fooling!) and a 10 point penalty will be assessed for each class period it is late....
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