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1 CHM3400 - Lecture 14 Feb 9 Electrolyte solutions (Chapter 5 p. 154-170) Electrostatic interactions between ions: vacuum and solution (dielectric constant) Enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs free energy of ions in solution Ionic activity Debye-Huckel Law Electrolyte= substance, that when dissolved in solution, makes the solution conduct electricity
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2 Hydration shell Ion-dipole interactions between ions and the water solution Why does NaCl dissolve in water, but not in benzene? Mean life-time of an H 2 O molecule in the solvation shell: Br - 10 -11 s Na + 10 -9 s Fe 3+ 10 -5 s Al 3+ 7 s Cr 3+ 1.5x10 5 s Ionic radii of hydrated cations: Li + (3.66 Å), Na + (2.80 Å) and K + (1.87 Å)
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