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1 Final Exam (PChem for the Biosciences – CHM3400), Dec 18, 2009 Name :_______________________________________ UFID :_____________________ Instructions : Use a pen, NOT a pencil to answer the questions . Fill in your name and UFID here above. Give your answers in the blank spaces following each question/sub-question. If you need more space, use the back side, clearly indicating this on the front page where the question is given. On the back side clearly refer to the question that you are answering (e.g. Q. 1). The t o t a l c r e d i t f o r t h i s e x a m i s 200 points . The credit of each sub-question is indicated in bold ( credit ). Numeric values should be given with a sufficient number of digits and the units must be indicated. Useful tables, physical constants and formulae for this test are given at the end of the exam as an Appendix – make sure that you check the content of the Appendix before reading the questions. Be concise with your answers, but remember that you are graded on the information that you put down on paper – if intermediate steps in a calculation are missing and the result is incorrect, no credit can be given. Always show the equations and units that you use. Good luck! 1. Draw the octet rule Lewis structure of H2O and NO (8 pts) 2. Which of the following statements are TRUE ? (8 pts) A) Electronegativity increases down the periodic table B) In 2
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2 5. In the linear combination of atomic orbitals, draw an antibonding sigma molecular orbital for H 2 (10 pts) 6. (8 pts) The mean free path λ is given by
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FinalExam_example_key - Final Exam(PChem for the...

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