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Unformatted text preview: CHM 2047 Homework 4 This assignment is due Friday, Sept. 23, in class. 1. Kotz, Ch. 10, Problem 18. 2. Kotz, Ch. 10, Problem 36. 3. Kotz, Ch. 10, Problem 49. 4. Kotz, Ch. 10, Problem 53. 5. Kotz, Ch. 10, Problem 56. 6. Compare the bonding in formic acid (HCOOH) with that of its conjugate base formate ion (HCOO- ). Each molecule has a central carbon atom bonded to two oxygen atoms and to a hydrogen atom. Draw Lewis dot structures, determine the hybridizations of the central carbon atoms, and describe the molecular geometry of each species. How do the π orbitals differ in formic acid and the formate ion? The bond lengths of the C–O bonds in HCOOH are 1.23 ˚ A (for the bond to the lone oxygen) and 1.36 ˚ A (for the bond to the oxygen with a hydrogen atom attached). Based on this information, what would you predict for C–O bond lengths in the formate ion? 7. How many isomers correspond to each of the following chemical formulas? (a) C 2 H 2 Br 2 (b) C 2 H 2 BrCl (a) C 2 HBrClF. Sketch each isomer. Remember that a simple rotation ofHBrClF....
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