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CHM 6461 Homework #3 Due Monday 2 nd Come to class ready to explain any (and all) of these problems to your classmates 1. The isothermal-isobaric ensemble is characterized by a constant N, p, and T, and the fluctuations are in V, and E. Because there is a varying volume, we describe the most probable distribution as { a Vi *} a. Express the distribution of the ensemble by finding the occupation numbers for the most probable distribution (Hint: maximize W with the corresponding constrants and then solve for the Lagrange multipliers) b. Show that the isothermal-isobaric partition fucntion is
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Unformatted text preview: ( 29 ( 29 ( 29 ( 29 , , j j E V pV H V kT kT j j N p T e dV e dV + ∞ ∞--∆ = = ∑ ∑ ∫ ∫ , where we used the fact that the Volume is a continuous variable and thus we can replace a the Σ v by an integral c. Evaluate the average Enthalpy <H> (write as a function of Z(N,p,T) d. Evaluate the average Volume <V> (write as a function of Z(N,p,T) 2. McQuarrie 3.20 3. For an ideal gas, with N=0.001 moles. Calculate the probability of observing a spontaneous fluctuation in energy =10-3 . <E>...
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